DKOldies Ep. 4 How NOT To Play Contra 4/10/15

Posted by DKOldies on Apr. 12th, 2015

  Drew and Anthony showcase the rare games (00:00) that came in this week and play our featured game of the week, Contra for the NES (11:30). We have tips to get your N64 system back up and running. We highlight our system of the week (18:31), which is the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Our tips this week are trouble shooting tips for the N64 Console (23:03). Our finale is the Like it or Hate it segment. Topics include Angry Video Game Nerd, sunshine and puppies (25:13). 

  Let us know what you learned about Contra. Leave your thoughts about Drew bashing the Angry Video Game Nerd and these two don't know the Konami Code by heart? Seroiusly? 

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