DKOldies Ep. 8 - Best SNES Fighting Games Discussed

Posted by DKOldies on May. 17th, 2015 This week we have some of the most sought after NES games ever released (00:54)! The topic debated is what is the best fighting game for the Super Nintendo (07:18). Anthony and Rich go head to head in Mortal Kombat for a couple rounds (17:19) and chat about little known secrets and Easter Eggs in Final Fantasy for the NES (23:04). More about that at our blog, here's the link

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Top 4 SNES Fighting Games

Fighting games are one of the top genres in in gaming. Ever since the days of going to the arcade and competing with friends or random strangers to see who is the best. They are a staple of the arcade and it always comes down to split second timing and knowing your characters strengths, weaknesses, and moves. This type of game has been burnt in to my brain forever. Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat. These are what most people think of when you think fighting game.

Fortunately for us, Nintendo decided they needed as many fighters as they could get. In addition to the aforementioned games, Killer Instinct, Pit Fighter, Samurai Showdown, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the list goes on. The topic here is to discuss the best of these many, stellar games.

My Top picks?

  1. Street fighter II- The standard of fighting games. SF has the turbo game play, characters, colorful art, and just enough story lines to love the characters.
  2. Mortal Kombat- Controversy didn't hurt this game when it was released. Dark, ultra violent, and evenly matched game play. Every thing from the character design to the backgrounds are top notch, even to today's standards.
  3. Killer Instinct- Another arcade game that touted nice twist in the game play such as two energy bars, combo breakers, and automatic combos. A must have for any fighting fan.
  4. TMNT Tournament Fighters- Taking from the comics, Cartoon series, and movies. This game is a Turtle fans dream.

I've always been partial to Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat because of the characters and story lines. Street Fighter has the Characters, Story Lines and moves that a great fighter needs. It just falls short when it comes up against MK. MK is of course the more brutal of the two. That's not why I choose it as the best Fighter on the SNES. Take a look at the back grounds, finishing moves, and Easter Eggs. This is what sets this series apart from the rest. Hidden characters and former playable characters chained and held captive in the backgrounds of fighting arenas.

Mortal Kombat 2 SNES

My pick for best fighting genre game on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System is without a doubt, Mortal Kombat. The most entertaining of the bunch. If you haven't played the originals for a while, I highly recommend a replay.

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