DKOldies Features A Google Trusted Store Badge - What It Means And How To Get One.

Posted by Joey on Nov. 8th, 2016

The Google Trusted Store badge is a free certification program to show that your website offers an excellent shopping experience. The badge is available to online retailers and tells customers that they can shop with confidence knowing they'll receive reliable shipping, stellar customer service, and free purchase protection up to $1,000. 

The badge will be displayed on each page of the website. If you click on the badge it will expand to show the website's rating and a link to the reviews that are associated with that store. 

To sign up for your website to become a Google Trusted Store you simply have to follow 3 steps to become certified. 

  1. Create a Google Trusted Stores account
  2. Add the code to your website
  3. Wait through the qualification period which may take up to 90 days during which your customers are asked to complete a survey about their experience and Google reviews the surveys to decide if you qualify for the program. 

The DKOldies website proudly features a Trusted Store Badge. It is an excellent way to earn your customer's trust. It reassures shoppers that your company will offer a great experience and it encourages them to buy more from you, and spend more when they do. Your Google Adwords ads will show-off your Trusted Store Badge which should also boost click through rates. 

If you want to get a Google Trusted Badge for your own website, click this link to get started.

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