DKOldies Holiday Guide - Top 10 Retro Game Gifts Every Gamer Needs!

Posted by on Nov. 14th, 2014

Top 10 Vintage Video Game Gifts to get this Holiday Season

Do you have a video game fan to buy for? Would he rather play video games than do any other activity? He already has all the new stuff, right? Then go back and get some vintage games. Here are the top 5 to get right now that will not disappoint. Tested, cleaned and backed by our free 120 day warranty

10. Sega Genesis System Bundles


The system that started the original console war. Released in 1989, the Sega Genesis came out to destroy the NES and it almost succeeded. The Sega Genesis had the best graphics of any other game console at the time. Sonic The Hedgehog was its number one game franchise and still holds up as one of the greatest games of all time. The Sega Genesis rivaled the NES with awesome games and even better graphics.

9.Game Boy Color & Game Boy Advance


Get Your Pokemon on. All the different colors of Game Boy are available and you can play in retro handheld style.

8. Nintendo GameCube System Bundle


Game Cube released in 2001. Great games like Smash Bros, Mario Sunshine, Zelda Wind Waker, and Luigi's Mansion.

7. Nintendo Wii System


The Nintendo Wii console changed the gaming world. Took a shot at hard core 1st person shooters and reminded everyone that video games are supposed to be fun. Get moving and play some Wii Sports and even all your favorites, lioke Mario Kart, Super Smash and Mario Galaxy.

6. Video Game T-Shirts

The perfect add on gift. Every gamer needs a t-shirt. Various styles and sizes available.

5. FC Twin & Retron Systems


The FC Twin allows retro game players to experience their favorite NES and SNES games on one affordable console.  These complete systems are brand new in a factory sealed box.  

4. Super Nintendo System Bundles


Released in 1991, the Super Nintendo was the next generation console after the original NES. The SNES took everything that was good about the NES and improved upon it. Great games, game play and graphics. Super Nintendo consoles come in all different kinds of bundles.

3. Nintendo 64 System Bundles



Released in 1996 with 3-D environments and new never before seen controllers. The N64 was new and different and started the next generation of video games. No longer were games just side scrollers. Now you can literraly move anywhere you want. Classic games like GoldenEye, Mario Kart 64, Zelda Ocarina of Time, and Super Smash Bros. made this console a must have.

2. Nintendo NES System Bundles


At one time, people thought video games were only a fad that had already passed. Atari had its run and now had to make way for the personal computer. When Nintendo launched in 1985, it was an instant success that had people going crazy. Instantly, video games were no longer just a fad but a revolution and the NES made it happen. All the great titles are on this console: Zelda, Mario Bros, Mega Man, Metroid, Metal Gear and many more!

1. Retron 5 System

Released in 2014, the Retron 5 will play cartridge games from NES, SNES, Genesis, Game Boy and others with enhanced HD technology, Bluetooth controllers and internal save capacity. Still collect your favorite games, but play them in style.

Of course, games!  Don't forget the games!

We have thousands of games available. From Atari to PS3. What are your favorite games that you remember playing as a kid? NES, SNES, N64, Genesis, GameCube, Game Boy, Xbox, PS1, PS2 and many others.

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