DKOldies Reacts To Controversy

Posted by DKOldies on Nov. 2nd, 2023

DKOldies does not shy away from controversy, but must set the record straight when unethical professionals attack. Professional Content creators, competitors, and YouTubers using our logo and our employees' images in a negative, unethical, or underhanded way without our consent just isn't right, and here's why: it's all about treating each other with respect.

DKOldies does want to thank you for taking the time to show off our products and make content on our company. We welcome all honest feedback good or bad, as long as it is in good faith!  

1. "If you review our products, especially those purchased under our “cosmetically flawed” category at a discount, please specify this in your content. Representing them as mint can be misleading to viewers and is 100% unethical."

"...misleading viewers is 100% unethical." -DKOldies

DKOldies' believes in honesty and ethical behavior, and misusing logos and images to spread negativity and harm our reputation just doesn't match up with those values. Plus, it can harm our reputation and relationships with all of you, which is something we truly care about. While we absolutely welcome constructive criticism, we kindly ask that you keep it fair and respectful.

2. "Our team puts in immense effort into cleaning and refurbishing our products. We hope this dedication to quality is recognized in your reviews. Misrepresenting DKOldies refurbishing process or reading only parts of our policies as the whole policy can mislead viewers."

"We hope this dedication to quality is recognized" -DKOldies

Professionalism and respect are key, and we kindly ask that you respect our brand and our team by not using our images in ways that could be hurtful to promote your videos. It's absolutely okay to have criticism, but using disparaging images of our intellectual property and our employees who just go to work to make a living to promote your videos goes against creating a positive and respectful online community. 

3. "We urge you to ensure accuracy when discussing DKOldies 1 Year Warranty

"Opening a console does NOT void our warranty. Saying otherwise isn’t being honest." -DKOldies

We value all feedback and will take the time to watch your content, learning from any mistakes pointed out. The more honest the review, the better equipped we are to enhance our services for the community. Working together with integrity and openness ensures a better experience for everyone involved.

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