DKOldies Special Drawing Requests

Posted by Joey on Sep. 23rd, 2016

Occasionally at DKOldies we get special requests that people add to their order notes when placing an order. One such request we see is that a customer asks for something be drawn on their order slip or box. 

A few weeks ago a customer said "Please include a hand-drawn picture of Toe Jam & Earl. Crayon use is optional". One of our associates, Anthony, was eager to fulfill the request. Over the course of a few minutes he created a cool drawing that we added to the customer's package. 

And not only did the customer notice, but he posted a link to Reddit titled 'Welp...DKOldies just gained a life-long customer'! Shortly thereafter we received another order from the same customer, and it also asked for a drawing request...

and this time I was ready with my camera. In the following picture you can see Anthony starting a quick rough draft as he lays out how the drawing will look.  

Below you can see that he's got the bare bones down and is just working on the finishing details. 

In this final picture you can see what Anthony's finished drawing looked like. We all think it turned out great and we're sure the customer is going to love this one too!

Over the time that I've been here I remember us drawing several of these requests including a Pokemon, Samus, a duck, and one of the best, a love letter. The customer who asked for the love letter wrote us a glowing email thanking us saying it was just what he wanted and it really made his day.

Not only is this the type of personal service we strive to offer at DKOldies, but we all enjoy getting these special requests as they can add a little humor to a normal day. Going above and beyond for our customers is something we pride ourselves on. So, don't be afraid to ask Anthony to draw something for you when you place your next order!

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