Ever wonder what makes our systems so great?

Posted by DKOldies.com on Apr. 29th, 2014

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Every system coming out of DKOldies gets the attention that it deserves. Stripped down, cleaned from the inside out. Some might call this process tedious. We think of Bringing a console back to life as essential. When a console arrives for evaluation, it is rarely pretty. Years of neglect and storage will do that. It’s no ones fault when a console like this,NES System, is forgotten and Boxed away from anyone who can truly enjoy what it has to deliver. That’s why we exist, to care for the forgotten and to reinstall the retro gaming scene into the mainstream.

This is one of our shipping employees, Anthony. He is preparing the system for one of our friends to the north, Alberta, Canada. Just one of the many destinations our reach extends to daily.

Next time you see your system sitting on a dusty ledge, hiding in a dark corner or just looking lonely. Give it some love. Don’t forget about the elderly consoles that have so much to offer.

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