FC Mobile II – NES Handheld System

Posted by DKOldies.com on Apr. 30th, 2014

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Play your old original Nintendo NES games on the go with the new and improved FC Mobile II handheld system. With a much improved battery life and an AC Adater along with it now you can play your old games anywhere you want!

The FC Mobile II has wireless controllers, a wireless light

gun, comes with an AC adapter and AV cables so you can play on your big screen TV. This brings the gaming past into the future! This system comes out the first week of April and supplies will be limited.

Questions and answers:

  • 1. Is the screen backlit?
  • Yes, the screen is backlit by two LEDs
  • 2.Does the screen stay on when plugged into the TV?
  • The unit’s LCD screen turns off when plugged into the television.
  • 3.How long is the battery expected to last?
  • The unit is estimated to last more than ten hours.
  • 4. What regions will it play?
  • Only plays NTSC (United States/Canada) NES games.
  • 5. What colors does it come in?

Black and Silver and is available at http://www.DKOldies.com/

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