Game Boy Generations Book 1989-2003 Exclusive Book Review!

Posted by DKOldies on Feb. 18th, 2015

Extensive Guide to Every Game Boy Handheld Console Throughout the Globe!

The Book

  Game Boy Generations is a visual history tour of our favorite handheld system. Starting from the original specs and advertisements to a few rumored variations that (according to S*T*A*R) may or may not be authentic. Full of bright pictures and informative script, you will learn somethings from limited additions around the world and through time. Over 150+ pages of Game Boys glorious Game Boys!

Original Game Boy Handheld Console

  You think you know the Game Boy handheld system? Think again. This book will show you how little you know about the system as a whole. Featuring close to 100 variations of the Game Boy, Color and Light my mind is left wondering. How many other versions are out there that we will never know about? Lost in the shuffle of our ever increasing technological advances. One thing I know for sure is this system has a place in all our hearts. 

  Most likely, the first portable game system you ever played. Everything from football clubs to car companies got there brands on a console or two. It was also durable and so fun to take anywhere, especially when you knew you would need some added entertainment. Basically, everything one needed in a handheld at that time.

Famitsu500 Model Game Boy

  I have never seen such a complete listing of GB's into one book. In each page turn, you can watch the world taking hold of the love for this system. 

  From Japan to America to Europe. Everything from prices, to release dates, to units produced paints a picture to show us how the Game Boy grew from an obscure electronic to a mega popular handheld. The Nintendo advertisements are another gem in this collection. Foreign and domestic alike they trigger thoughts that have not surfaced for a long time. Collectors and hard core Nintendo fans will agree this is a great book to own. 

Electronic Boutique Game Boy

  As a reference guide this book would be invaluable. you would be hard pressed to find some of the background information on the internet. You may have an extremely limited edition and not even know it. 

  Have you ever seen an Astro Boy Game Boy? No? I have, simply by taking a peak into the history pages of this paperback. The pictures are vibrant and very pleasing. Its nice to slow yourself down to check the details in each refashioning of the console. Not just the console but the packaging is on display in this book. To think how much time was put into the packaging alone is dizzying. 

Serebrov Anniversary Game Boy

  Stepping into the time machine that is the Game Boy Generations paperback will send you to your happy place. Letting you relive the days of your youth. 

  Multilingual text is another aspect that makes this book over the top. Not only is this book in English, but Spanish and Japanese too.

Order the exclusive Book:

Age Range: Everyone

Details: 150+ full color pages.

Release date: 2014

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Matra

Author: Josep Capel  S*T*A*R

Language: English, Spanish, Japanese 

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