Get Access To Your N64 Game Memory Pak Files in this Hidden Screen!

Posted by DKOldies on Apr. 12th, 2016

Learn how to find the Secret Nintendo 64 Memory Card Menu.

Some game saves, created characters and button configurations don't save data directly to the cartridge. This will be handled by the Memory Cards and Controller Paks plugged into your N64 Controller. Some of these games don't even have a menu to view and delete your data. These are the steps and items you need to do this.

Some developers did not include a game menu to utilized the save features. So, if you do not see a menu in the options screen for you save data, you can use the Nintendo 64 consoles' secret data menu screen. 

First put your controller with memory card inserted into port 1 of the console and Insert a game that does not save. HOLD THE START BUTTON DOWN and turn your console on. Make sure to HOLD THE START BUTTON DOWN while it boots up. This will pull up the data management screen where you can view and delete your stored data on your memory card.

It's a simple trick that everyone knew back in the 90's that is being forgotten. If this trick was helpful please let us know in the comments below. If you already knew about it, you are awesome and a N64 gaming god. You need to impart your wisdom on us and lets us know more N64 tricks and tips.

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