Goldeneye is the best retro mutiplayer shooter

Posted by Jack on Jan. 25th, 2021

If you were a gamer during the age of the Nintendo 64 you know there is nothing like sitting down with 3 of your friends and playing local multiplayer on games like Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 64. But one game's multiplayer stands above them all during this golden age of couch play: 007 GoldenEye.

Released in 1997, 3D multiplayer was revolutionized by GoldenEye for home consoles, as PC was leading the pack in first person shooters. Rather than a more impersonal experience when playing online, GoldenEye was the first to utilize 4 player split screen. Other than the increased difficulty and immersiveness of using a new era N64 controller, the customization of GoldenEye multiplayer is perfect for a group setting.

Players can choose between 7 characters, and 9 different settings. Not to mention the 11 different maps available. Modes like paintball, invincibility, and even the DK multiplayer mode where the characters proportions are heavily exaggerated while you run around with a head the size of a body.

Fans of the game are especially fond of the Slappers only that takes away your guns and only arms you with slaps. These modes bring massive variation to an FPS style game that could become stale without it. This game brings up feelings of nostalgia that are so much more meaningful because of the experiences spent plugging in 4 controllers and battling with friends. 

We can't forget the golden rule of GoldenEye: No one is allowed to play as OddJob.

Check out some gameplay of the Slappers only mode! 

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