How to hook up your classic Nintendo Systems.

Posted by Drew Steimel - on Apr. 16th, 2014

Setting up your new classic NES system may seem daunting, but in fact it's a very simple process and the video below will walk you through the steps. You'll be playing your favorite retro games in no time!

1. If you use AV cables: The NES has AV connectors on the side, but only has one sound output. Plug the AV cables into both the system, and the TV by matching the colors.  

2. If you use the RF adapter: Disconnect the antenna, VCR, or whatever is plugged into the antenna input on the TV and put it in the back of the RF adapter, then attach the adapter to the TV. 

3. Hook up the end that goes into the NES to the RF SWITCH jack on the NES and make sure the 3-4 switch is on the channel you want to use. 

4. (This applies to everyone now.) Hook up the AC adapter to the the wall outlet and into the AC adapter port on the NES. If the adapter has a voltage setting, set it to 9 volts. (It will work with up to 12 volts but it will run warmer) 

5. Plug the controllers into the controller ports on the front of the NES. If you only have one controller, hook it up to the FIRST port.

6. Open the slot where you put the games in, and slide your game cartridge into the slot. Then press down until you hear a click.

7. Turn on the TV and switch it to whatever channel/input you have the NES set to.

8. Turn on the NES and your game start playing.


* If the cartridge slot is already pressed down and you need to get a game in, press down on the black surface inside the slot and it will pop up again.

* Make sure the cartridge is snug inside the slot. 

* If you are playing a Zapper game (Ex. Duck Hunt, Hogan's Alley, etc) you need to plug the Zapper into the SECOND player slot. Shoot away from the TV to select a game mode and shoot at it to select.

* If you get a flickering screen, turn the NES off, re-orientate the cartridge (moving it a bit to the right helps sometimes),turn the system on again. If there is still a problem remove the cartridge and put it back in again.

* If the system still refuses to cooperate the game may need to be cleaned. The video below will show you how.

*If you have any further questions please email or call at 610-901-3704.

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