How to setup a Wii console and sync the controllers

Posted by Ben on Jun. 7th, 2021

For hooking up the Wii, you will need to plug the AC adapter into the back of the console’s 12V In port. 

Then, the AV cable will plug into the AV Multi Out port. 

The Sensor Bar will plug into the orange Sensor Bar port. 

The AV cables will connect to the television and the AC adapter will plug into the wall outlet. You can place the Sensor Bar above or below your television.

Having trouble getting your Wii controller to respond?

Please verify you have 2AA batteries inserted in the correct direction inside of the battery compartment on the backside of the Wii remote.

  1. In the battery compartment of the Wii remote, there is a small round red button.
  2. In the expansion bay (located between the reset button and the eject button of your Wii console) there is a rectangular red button that says Sync on it.
  3. First press the Sync button on your Wii console. Next, press the button in your Wii remote.
  4. The player indicator light, on the bottom front on the Wii remote, should flash. Then a solid light should remain lit in the player indicator space.

Your Wii remote should now be properly connected to your Wii. Please remember to point your Wii remote directly at the sensor bar. You are now ready to fully enjoy your Nintendo Wii gaming console.

For a visual explanation on syncing your Wii remote, here is a video guide!

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