How To Spot Fake Game Boy Advance Games

Posted by on Apr. 2nd, 2018

Counterfeit GBA game cartridges are everywhere. 

They are made in China and sold here in the U.S. through auctions sites like Ebay. U.S. game sellers will buy and sell them back through ebay, craigslist, flee markets and small retail outlets. Thousands are sold everyday.

How do we stop it? Why do we want to even stop it? 

Well, first of all the copies are cheaply made and will not play the same as the originals. They all have glitches, will freeze and do not save reliably. Could you imagine playing Pokemon for a few hours straight and then your game freezes or does not save? Those hours are gone forever. Secondly, counterfeiting is a huge problem for Nintendo, it costs them millions of dollars (which increases costs for you) and oh by the way is illegal. 

I love Nintendo and will defend them out in public. I will also defend them in private and would never buy, sell or turn the other way when a fake game is sold. So, how do we stop this horrible trend. Honestly, I don’t think we can, but I am here to help you spot them for yourself, so at least you will not be fooled. The funniest thing about this malicious counterfeit ring out of China is that they are not very good at what they do. It is very easy to spot a fake and you can do it with only identifying 1 of 3 things. If your game is missing one of these things then it’s fake. Go get your money back, call Nintendo, and whoever will help you to get your money back.

1. The imprinted number on the cart label.

Yoshi's Island

2. The Nintendo name and serial number in the correct Font printed on the chip.

how to spot fake nintendo games

how to spot fake nintendo games

Fake on Top, Real on Bottom.

The Back of the cart.

Fake on Top, Real on Bottom

Fake on Top, Real on Bottom

I told you it was easy. Here at we buy thousands of games through our Sell Your Video Games program. We get in fake games all the time from people that had no idea they were fake. We have talked to Nintendo about what to do when you buy a fake Nintendo game. They said to ask for a refund and send the game back to them. Honestly you never know who you are dealing with over the internet and you don’t want to accuse anyone of being a criminal. Especially if they really are one and want to handle things like criminals do. Just be nice, get your refund and be done with it. Also with this info you now have, you will never have to worry about buying a fake game again.

If you want to buy legitimate Nintendo Pokemon games, stay away from ebay, craigslist and other sites where fake games are allowed to be sold everyday. Shop with confidence to find the best selection of cleaned, tested, original, and authentic Nintendo GBA games backed by our 120 day warranty.

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