How to Spot Fake Game Boy Advance SP Systems and Why They Suck!

Posted by Drew Steimel on Aug. 14th, 2015

It's the first time I have ever seen counterfeit Nintendo GBA SP Systems and I am concerned because at first glance they look real. I will show you how to spot these fakes, why you don't want them and tell you what to do if you see someone selling them.

I bought a collection today and these black GBA SP systems were in the box. The first thing that surprised me was how new and minty they were. I took them out and immediately showed them off to our hard core gamer shipping associate Anthony. We have 2 employees named Anthony, so we call him New Anthony or Jr. Anyway, the first thing he noticed was that the backs look weird. I grab them from him and start to see all the flaws in the production. The half unglued screen and logo stickers, the cheaper thumb-pad and buttons and the overall weight was less. I flipped them over and compared them to some originals.

Look at this thing! It looks pretty real doesn't it?

Black fake Game Boy Advance SP

The back of these fake systems is where you can really tell. 

The model on the left is a real, Japanese system, the model on the right is the fake.  On the fake you can see it says "Game Pudding SP" instead of Game Boy Advance SP. Whoops!

Backs of two black Game Boy Advance SP - Left is real, right is fake. The right says "Game Pudding"

The back of the real Nintendo GBA SP system will have a consistent font throughout and even though there are different models that with slight variations, I know none of them will say "Game Pudding".

Back of two real Game Boy Advance SPs

Now, what is so bad about these fake systems? They are new and probably a lot cheaper. Well, if dealing with criminals and skirting around fraud laws and ethical issues are your thing, than lets just deal with the system itself. They don't work. We'll that's not entirely true. It will work for a while. We tested out some GBA games and they all turned on, but they would not play consistently over the short playthoughs. Glitching and random turning off was rampant, but also the thumbpad and buttons are cheap and unresponsive. These systems all around suck and anyone who buys them or sells them sucks too. 

If you ever find someone selling them, just walk away and don't engage with them. If you already bought something from them, try to get a refund and be done with it. If they refuse, don't give them a hard time. Just call the police. Counterfeit selling is a big deal and it's a crime.

So, now what do I do with all the fake stuff that we get in? Well, I like to go outside and blow off a little steam. I made a video about these GBA SP systems getting an introduction to a baseball bat I made in my 7th grade wood shop class. I hop you enjoy it.

If you have some fake video games or system you want me to smash please send them to me and how you would like them smashed. I will do my best.

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