In This Week: Old Nintendo Games, Classic Guides and a Favorite Console is Back!

Posted by Drew Steimel on Apr. 21st, 2016

Back in Stock N64 GamesDKOldies gets in retro video game collections with hundreds and hundreds of classic Nintendo games, Systems and accessories every day. We never know what we are going to get and here we can let customers like you know what came in so you can get first crack at it.

1. Star Wars Nintendo 8-Bit NES

May the 4th be with you. A little early? Oh well! We got both of these classic NES games together in one collection this week. What was your favorite?

Star Wars and Empire Strikes back for the Nintendo Entertainment System

Both NES games are getting harder and harder to find since the popularity of the latest Movie, The Force Awakens. We have been out of stock of these games and now that they are in they will not last long.

Star Wars - NES Classic Game On Sale Now!
Empire Strikes Back - NES Classic Game On Sale Now! 

2. Hard To Find Vintage NES Games

We get in rare games everyday, but these NES gems we do not see very often.

Indiana Jones and Gargoyles Quest II for the Nintendo NES System

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is the rarest of the Indiana Jones NES Games. Temple of Doom is fairly common and is a game we always try to carry. Last Crusade came out at the end of the NES run, closer to when the Super Nintendo came out so they did not make that many of these games. Gargoyles Quest II is an extremely rare and sought after title. I only see this game a few times a year come in and it rarely comes in natural collections.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - Nintendo NES Rare Game On Sale Now!
Gargoyles Quest II - Nintendo NES Rare Game On Sale Now!

3. Popular NES and N64 Games Back in Stock

In the game collections that DKOldies purchased this week, we got some popular games that we have been out of for quite some time. Sometimes games like this either go up in price and we have them still really cheap on the site and they sell out or we just, for some strange reason we can't seem to get them in.

NES Games Back In Stock!
Metroid and Bubble Bobble 8bit games for the Nintendo NES Console.

Metroid - Nintendo NES Game Back in Stock Now!
Bubble Bobble - Nintendo NES Game Back in Stock Now!

Chrono Trigger SNES Game back in stock.
Chrono Trigger game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Chrono Trigger - SNES RPG Back In Stock Now!

Bomberman and Mortal Kombat Trilogy games for the Nintendo 64 Console
Bomberman 64 - Nintendo 64 Game Back In Stock Now!
Mortal Kombat Trilogy - Nintendo 64 Game Back in Stock Now!

4. Massive Strategy Guide Lot

Strategy Guides are awesome! The artwork, the detail about each game, the classic retro advertisement. As a video game fan I love to look through these. We got all these and more this week in a huge collection.

Strategy Guide Retro Video Gaming Lot
Strategy Game Guides for Retro Zelda, Gamecube, N64 and Playstation!

It will take us a few days to go through all the guides we got in, check them for condition and list them on the site for sale. Check out our Strategy Guide Categories at to see what is in stock and out for sale.
Nintendo NES Strategy Guides On Sale!

Nintendo 64 Strategy Guides On Sale!

5. SupaBoy is Back!

The coolest looking mobile Super Nintendo game playing System is back in stock. We have been out of this since Christmas and they just came back in this week!
Supaboy Handheld Super Nintendo SNES Console
The Supaboy mobile SNES system Console.

If you don't know about the SupaBoy, this system will play your original Super Nintendo game cartridges on the go or you can hook it up to any flat screen, or retro TV and play it like a regular gaming console. You can even hook up your original SNES controllers.
SupaBoy - SNES Handheld System Console New In Box, New Low Price!

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