Mario Had a Gun?!!

Posted by Steven Collier on Feb. 18th, 2016

Name any genre of game, and chances are Nintendo's plumber has starred in one. Mario's been in sports games, driving games, fighting games, RPGs, and of course platformers. However, you probably forgot that he was also in a first person shooter.

Mario was Armed with Nintendo's Greatest Light Gun!

Yoshi's Safari isn't exactly a household name. But when it was released in 1993, it was a very big deal. This was supposed to be the game that got people to buy a Super Scope, the new and improved light gun for the SNES. Unfortunately, the peripheral never really took off and as such neither did its criminally underrated game library.

A Family-Friendly First Person Shooter

In Yoshi's Safari, players take control of  Mario as he tries to thwart Bowser's latest plan to conquer the world. However, this time Mario's not messing around. Apparently Bowser stole one princess too many for Mario to be in a forgiving mood. He hops on top of a Yoshi, armed with a magical bazooka, and proceeds to blow away every koopa, goomba, and boo that winds up on the business end of his Super Scope. Of course this is still a Nintendo game, so the fire fights are always non-violent and family-friendly.

And You Already Thought Bowser was Tough.

Normally players only focus on shooting anything that moves, while the computer controlled Yoshi navigates each stage. However in two-player mode, your friend could help you by taking the reigns of the green Dinosaur. This teamwork is a formula is still a blast today, and was years ahead of its time. It's a shame that Yoshi's Safari never saw a sequel. Considering that early Wii games were loaded with light-gun style games, this series could've sold like hot-cakes.

Some Days Fire Flowers Just Aren't Enough!

As an added bonus, every stage ends with a suitably awesome boss fight that showcases all of the new graphical tricks that Nintendo had packed into their first 16bit console. If you already own a Super Scope, there's no reason not to own this game. However if you just want to play a Mario game like no other, it's hard for me to recommend anything over this delightful shooter.

Buy Yoshi's Safari - For the SNES

How many of you even owned a Super Scope? Did any of you blast through this Mario adventure? As always, let me know in the comments!

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