NES Games Are Why You're Not Running Around Like Murderous Clowns!

Posted by Joey on Oct. 21st, 2016

What is going on with kids today? Is it the current batch of games they're playing. I don't think so, but we never turned into murderous clowns. Lets take a look back at 5 scary NES games that we used to play back in the 80's. (this is why you're normal)

Modern games are full of blood, guts, gore, and sex. Take one of the most popular games, Grand Theft Auto V. My 2nd grade kid rode the bus and his "friend" told him how to getting lap-dances and b***j&$! from prostitutes in the game. Acceptable? No way! But what is the reason why today's kids are:

...huffing paint. 

...joining ISIS.

...roaming the streets at night wearing red noses and giant silly shoes. (WTH?)

Nobody wants their kid to turn into a psychopath, and this is where Nintendo was on the right track. Nintendo had a whole different strategy with their NES games. Rather than gross-out violence and erotic sex scenes, Nintendo has always aimed with their "scary" games for great game-play and a spooky theme.

5)Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th was a horror movie obviously aimed at adults, but Nintendo was able to turn this idea into something that your kids could love! You still play as a camp counselor running from the ax-wielding Jason, but it didn't show anything graphic. If offered the same fear of being chased, without giving your child visions that will have them grow into a serial killer as an adult. 

4)Maniac Mansion

In Maniac Mansion, you play as a character whose girlfriend Sandy is being imprisoned in a mansion. Even though the game centers around a mad scientist who has kidnapped your girlfriend and promises to do experiments on her "pretty little brains", it's able to do it in a kid-appropriate way. And while the game has quite a dark atmosphere, there's not a prostitute to be found! 

3)Fester's Quest

Here you play as Uncle Fester from the Addams Family. You use your gun and whip to fight the aliens that are taking over.  The scares in this game are kid-friendly and include heading into the sewers to fight slime and pink blobs.

2)Ghosts n Goblins 

In this game you are trying to rescue your princess who has been kidnapped by Satan, king of the Demon World. Your enemies are scary because they can spawn almost anywhere instantly and can quickly overwhelm you if you're not careful. 


Castlevania is one most well known titles on NES. You play as a vampire hunter as you hunt down Dracula. The game is able to be scary, without taking itself too seriously. You'll face enemies that include mummies and a floating Medusa's head.

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