New Nintendo Switch Proves GameBoy Won The Console Wars

Posted by Joey on Oct. 28th, 2016

Portable gaming has been something that Nintendo has emphasized for years. However it wasn't always thought of as favorably as it is today. When the original Game Boy first came out in 1989, it was strange to see someone 'gaming on the go'.  It seemed that any time they were spending with their handheld was time they weren't spending on their 'real' Nintendo at home.  As time went on, Nintendo continued to release handhelds like the Game Boy ColorGame Boy Advance SP, the DS, and 3DS, and it became clear that they were 'king of portability' and the handheld game system was here to stay.

Well after nearly a year of secrecy, last week Nintendo finally released details on their upcoming console called the Nintendo Switch, and portability is a big part selling point of the system. Not only is it a standard home console, but you can connect two mini controllers to the sides of the tablet portion and play all of your games when you're away from home. With this latest announcement is seems that Nintendo has proven that the original Game Boy has won the console wars after all.

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