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Posted by DKOldies on Apr. 2nd, 2015

Nintendo Power #1

Nintendo Power #1 Straegy Guide Magazine History Breakdown 

One of the longest running guides of all time. Starting in 1988 and running through 2012. Nintendo Power was a North American magazine that gave the readers an excitement unmatched by any other at the time. Originally it was to be a bi-monthly news and strategy magazine. It became more than an average magazine with its alluring articles, comics, original artwork, photos and even memorable advertisements. Even later, moving to the unheard of tactic of giving away a game (Dragon Quest) to new subscribers. Another notable fact is the first editor, Howard Phillips, was the Nintendo Fan Club "President". He promised "the raddest reading ever!", Which he delivered. He is also credited with creating the magazines mascot, Nester.

Always showcasing the characters that made Nintendo a household name on there covers. The first issue featured  Super Mario Bros. 2 for the NES. With tips of the trade that most needed to get Mario through the gauntlet of Mushroom Kingdom. Shigeru Miyamoto (the Japanese game designer and developer) Hit pay dirt with Mario and when SMB2 was released it was an instant hit.

Legend of ZeldaLegend of Zelda pg 2

Were you brave enough to beat all of Ganon's henchmen in the first quest? Were you crafty enough to find your way through the many hazards to Ganon's lair? And then were you mighty enough to take on Ganon, The ultimate bad guy and win?  Zelda for the NES is another title on everyone's must have list. If this sounds familiar, then this 1988 article on the second quest is for you. Consistently showing up on lists of top retro games. The classic tale of a wood elf saving the princess from the monster known a Ganon. A perfectly executed game that will be enjoyed for decades to come. 

Tips were greatly welcome with Zelda's second play-through. Everything from what to do if you erase your save file to the hidden steps and doors that are nearly impossible to find. Unless you were a subscriber of Nintendo Power or at least knew someone who was. The story and pictures in this article are enough to get a young gamer's mind wandering about the mystical world that awaits. 

Mike Tyson Punch-Out

How do you beat Tyson in a one on one boxing bout? Very, very carefully.

Another game that was never forgotten by it's audience was  Mike Tyson's Punch-Out for the NES. Yet another great article that offered tips on achieving your triumph,. Even with the tips you are far from a guaranteed victory. Split second timing and hours of studying "Iron" Mike's movements are only a couple of skills you will need to knock out the KO King. 

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