Retron 5 Review - New Advances in Retro Gaming Consoles

Posted by on Jun. 23rd, 2014

What is the Retron 5?

The Retron 5 is a new console on the market that will play NES, SNES, Genesis, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, and all your foreign games, like PAL and Japanese titles. It will enhance the resolution for your big screen and even save your games directly to any SD card. It has next gen quality Bluetooth controllers and ports for all your original systems controllers. I opened one up to find out how good it really is and will go over all the features, so you can decide for yourself.

First Look

Upon unboxing, you notice the consoles sleek and polished design. Right now they come in 2 colors, grey and black. Lights on the front indicate what platform you are currently playing. All cartridge slots are on the top, except for the Game Boy slot which is on the front. 2 Controller ports for each console are located on the left and right side. The rear of the console reveals that there is the HDMI port, Mini USB port, and an SD Card slot.

Console Advances

Possibly the most noteworthy of the advances made with the Retron 5 is the addition of the HDMI port. This automatically bumps your resolution for all platforms into the 720p range. Also added filters give you the options for pixel smoothing and help with the transition to your big screen. The aim for Hyperkin is 100% compatibility and region free gaming. I was able to play NTSC, PAL, AUS, and Japanese games with no issues. This goal is yet another step in the right direction for retro gamers as an alternative to the original consoles. Together the HDMI port for your Audio/Video, Mini USB port for charging your wireless controller, SD Card slot for state saves, cheats, screen shots Make this console the most advanced Retro gaming console on the market. The SD card slot makes Firmware updates on this consoles operating system possible. This means Hyperkin Will have the ability to improve everything from the fine tuning of the game emulation to the menu options/appearance.

The Controllers

The Bluetooth wireless controller has been completely redesigned and is a huge step up from the previous generation of Retron controllers which used Infrared technology. Meaning, you don't have to point directly at the system like before. 4 LED light tells you what player you are assigned to while also tells you your charge level. The D-Pad has been replaced with an analog type thumb pad. A rechargeable battery replaces your AAA previously used. A home button has been added to integrate all the new features in A/V and Gameplay.

Playing the Retron 5

I was definitely excited to try the new Retron 5 gaming console. There was no noticeable lag for me in games I tested. Sonic 2 was fast as always and Double Dragon 3 was as challenging as I remember it being. I was impressed when I played Pokemon Emerald for the GBA on my television. The colors were bright and the lines were smooth. That is a huge difference when you think about it. From a Game Boy Advance screen to a 55" TV.

In Conclusion

I was impressed with the Retron 5 Console. From the look, to the new features, and most importantly the controllers. Finally a retro console made today that has everything you need. Nothing beats the original Nintendo consoles, but this comes as close as you can get!

A tip to the wise, clean your games before inserting them. You don't want your pins getting all dirty which leads to connection problems. Happy Gaming!

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