Rob the robot. The coolest NES accessory ever made

Posted by Jack on Dec. 28th, 2020

You may know R.O.B. from Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Smash Ultimate, but did you know he was originally an attachment for the Nintendo Entertainment System?

Released by Nintendo in 1985, R.O.B. (short for Robotic Operating Buddy) R.O.B. was compatible with two NES games, Stackup, and Gyromite.

When playing Gryomite, pressing UP on the controller, R.O.B.'s arms will raise up. He can even lift and play with a Gyroscope using the controller.

R.O.B. also has two button attached to his body that hook up to the NES controller so he can play by himself.

R.O.B.'s early roots with the NES make him a great piece of gaming history. Check out the video of him in action below!

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