Silent Hill Wins In A Landslide, 2 New Vs Matchups Today!

Posted by on Oct. 21st, 2014

Silent Hill Rolls Over it's Competition, 2 New Match-ups Today!

Shadowgate did not get a single vote, making Silent Hill the biggest winner of the tournament so far.

DKOldies Halloween Tournament Bracket

-Bracket Updated Daily.

2 New Matchups

Rampage Vs Friday the 13th NES Games


Ranked#14- Giant monsters terrorizing the city. Eating people out of windows. Turning back into a naked human and running away.

Friday The 13th

Ranked#3- A Psychopath in a Hockey Mask, Classic Slasher Movie, 4 Players!, You can kill Jason...Awesome!

Luigis Mansion Vs Friday the 13th

Luigis Mansion

Ranked#4- Watching Luigi get scared is hilarious, Naked Ghost in the shower, creepy flashlight searching, silly spooky puzzles.

Scooby Doo Mystery

Ranked#13- Modelling kids. Talking dog. Scooby snacks. Classic spooky TV show. A creepy mystery to be solved. 

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