Top 11 Donkey Kong games of All-Time!

Posted by on Jul. 15th, 2015

These are the games that you think of when you remember Mr. Kong himself. Whether he is stealing Mario's girlfriend or having his son Donkey Kong Jr. rescue him from Mario. His games have been some of … read more

Winner Runs The Show! Ep. 12

Posted by DKOldies on Jun. 11th, 2015

Will Anthony take over the Podcast? Power Glove winner takes all (00:58). Featured game Super Mario Bros. 3 for the Nintendo NES (02:53). Best NES Game Tournament moves to the final 2 (07:37) Anthony … read more

NO! You Can't Rip On Zelda! DKOldies Ep. 11

Posted by DKOldies on Jun. 9th, 2015

We pull all the stops for our 11th episode. Legend of Zelda gets torn apart unexpectedly by our hosts. Why don't they love the most beloved game of all time? Why does Anthony like Tetris so much? … read more

Top 4 Nintendo NES Games That You Love

Posted by DKOldies on Jun. 9th, 2015

We are so close to having a winner to our Quest for the Best NES games of all time tournament I can taste it. Last week we cut our list in half and it was not an easy task. Remember, These a … read more