Top 4 Nintendo NES Games That You Love

Posted by DKOldies on Jun. 8th, 2015

We are so close to having a winner to our Quest for the Best NES games of all time tournament I can taste it. Last week we cut our list in half and it was not an easy task. Remember, These are the games you like the best, as told by the Here are the standings. 

Legend of Zelda Vs. Metroid

The classic tale of a Wood Elf fighting evil to save the princess is once again put on the spotlight against the original woman space warrior herself. A few points, Zelda is the better seller. You have the Master Quest after you beat the game and lots of exploring to find the hidden dungeons. Samus is of coarse a cool character too but the story doesn't relate as well as the Legend of Zelda. Metroid can't stand up against the Legend. I wonder who would be a favorite Boss fight, Gannon or Mother Brain? 

Winner: Legend of Zelda

Next opponent: Super Mario Bros. 3

Contra Vs. Super Mario Bros. 3

Contra could be considered the best co-op game of all time. This is every 35 year old's fantasy game (Man games). Spread Guns, long hallway fights and the Konami Code! This game is epic. Super Mario 3 on the other hand is an adventure to the Mushroom Kingdom. Once again Mario is saving Princess Peach and he does it in style. The additions of Raccoon Mario and the bonus games between the actual game-play was jaw dropping. 

Winner: Super Mario Bros. 3

Next Opponent: Legend of Zelda

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! Vs. Tecmo Super Bowl

We all know how to beat King Hippo and Glass Joe, but Tyson is practicality invincible. If you have been able to beat him, you are a god! If not, Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! is a bit repetitive. Tecmo Super Bowl has much better replay-ability. Two player, got that. All the NFL teams at the time, got that too. The strategy involved to play is superior to Tyson.  

Winner: Tecmo Super Bowl

Next Opponent: Super Mario Bros.

Tetris Vs. Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario shaped console video games as we know them today and saved a failing video game market from total annihilation.  According to Drew, Tetris is on the list due to a technicality. Anthony doesn't agree. "Some say this is the best puzzle game ever created."he says to no avail. "Tetris is a cheap puzzle port game." Drew replies. "There is really no debate." Tetris is no more.  

Winner: Super Mario Bros.

Next Opponent: Tecmo Super Bowl

We have broken it down to the final four. Who will move to the final round?


If not, leave a comment below on what we missed.

Check out our DKOldies Video Podcasts to see how this all played out and check out next week for Part 4 of the Quest for the Best NES games of all time. 

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