My Kids First NES Console... Will They Like It?

Posted by Drew Steimel on Sep. 9th, 2017

This year my boys, age 10 and 7 have been asking me for a Nintendo Entertainment System... but will they like it? Will the old games be too difficult? Will it be able to hold their attention like all … read more

Kids and Classic Video Games

Posted by on May. 6th, 2014

Posted on February 24, 2009 by DK People think children nowadays are all for these newer generation consoles and games that getting more expensive every day. The Playstation, Xbox and the Wii … read more

Nintendo Games and Your Kids

Posted by on Apr. 29th, 2014

Posted on May 20, 2009 by DK Nintendo Games: A Useful Learning Tool If you feel that the opportunities to connect with your kids are few and far between, the solution might be to br … read more

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