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Castlevania Netflix: Release Date, Show Poster and Plot Details

Posted by Drew on

Netflix has announced that there will be a Castlevania show coming out in 2017.  The upcoming show is reported to be ultra violent, adult themed and awesome. We got some new details from the creators about the show can't wait till it comes out. 

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Netflix has posted that the 1st season will be broken up into 4 parts and easch episode will be 30 minutes long. We are very excited to hear the people behind the upcoming show and can't wait for it's release.The show will be animated by the creators of the cartoon hit Adventure Time and produced by Adi Shankar, most know for his indie Power Rangers You Tube Film

Shankar is very, very excited about this project saying "The series is going to be R-rated as f***," and "this is going to be the best f*****g video game adaptation we've had to date." He also confirmed in an interview that the plot will follow that of the NES Original Game Castlevania III Dracula's Curse where the last survivor of the Belmont clan attempts to slay Dracula in early 1400's Europe.

Netflix 1st Castlevania Promo Poster

Let me know in the comments below if you plan to watch this and what you would like to see in the first season.

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