Tecmo Super Bowl Vs Madden - What is the Best Retro Football Game?

Posted by DKOldies.com on Sep. 10th, 2014

2 Football franchises, one hasn't been in production for over 20 years and the other is still the dominating franchise of today. You think the debate would be over. Well, you would be wrong. Classic video game fanatics still talk about Tecmo Super Bowl being the ultimate football experience and will put it head to head with anything from it's day. I intend to do just that. Examine which is the best all around football game.

Tecmo Super Bowl

Tecmo Super Bowl was the refined side to side fast paced football classic. Choose your play, juke and weave through the defense to touchdown glory!

Bo Jackson, LT, The Nigerian Nightmare...

This game made super stars feel like you wanted them to. The broken tackles, smashing through O-lines and running for 400 yard games. Realistic? Maybe not, but so much fun! Tecmo won the hearts of so many because it was so much fun to be a super star. Playing with a friend is still so much fun.  You can pick this game up with little video game, or football knowledge and have the best time. Some times simplicity or rather the middle road is perfection. It seems Tecmo gave you just enough to have the choices you need. A nice addition are the quick cut scenes that add to the suspense of letting the ball fly into the air and hoping, praying your receiver is there on time to make the catch.

Tecmo Super Bowl NES Nintendo Screen Shot In Game Bo Jackson

Madden Football

John Madden Football was the top down realistic football simulation that has stood the test of time. Madden was real football, more plays, real defense, 1 yard run after 1 yard run. Oh it was painful, but it was as real as football could get. If you studied and perfected your craft you would succeed and it was glorious. This style of play eventually won out because it was easy to add fun to this style, it was not so easy to add realism to Tecmo Super Bowl. With the backing of one of the biggest names in football it's easy to see how Madden would time and time again be one of the biggest titles in American gaming. 

On the other hand, to the casual gamer this style might not be the best. Knowing which formation needs to be lined up against which and what audibles you should call last minute isn't mandatory for a fun game. For those who are looking for the ultimate challenge it seems too obvious that Madden has and probably will continue to have the most competitive game play in an American Football game. One might say it is a football simulator of sorts.

John Madden Football 97 Sega Genesis in Game Screen Shot

The ultimate football game franchise of all time is easily Madden Football. It's been the highest rated, best selling football game every year for over a decade. It's not by accident. They have perfected the realistic play with video game fun that no other football game could accomplish but Madden is not the greatest retro football game ever made. Oh, no. Tecmo Super Bowl was perfection for it's day and it's the one game where you can go back and play like you never missed a week. Tecmo Super Bowl is the greatest Retro Video Game of all time.

Winner: Tecmo Super Bowl

Honorable Mentions: Mutant League Football and NFL Blitz

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