The Best GameCube Stuff to Get for Christmas 2022!

Posted by Karin on Nov. 11th, 2022

GameCube Fans 2022 Gift Guide!

First up, it's one of our best selling GameCube bundles called the GameCube Black Mario Pak. It comes with a copy of Super Mario Sunshine, one controller, and all the cords you need to hook it up.

Next it's the games. We have Simpson's Road Rage, where you get to drive around the city of Springfield and Super Smash Bros Melee - a classic fighting game. There's also Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker, where you get to travel with Link across the ocean, and Mario Kart Double Dash - the first time you had two players on one cart made for some awesome gameplay.

Now for the accessories. there's a wireless controller for the GameCube called the WaveBird, the Game Boy Player, which attaches underneath the GameCube and allows you to play Game Boy games, and finally a memory card so you can save your progress.

A retro gamer would love any of this stuff for Christmas & supplies will be limited this year - Shop GameCube Now at DKOldies

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