The Biggest Secret in Super Mario Bros. 3

Posted by Steven Collier on Apr. 22nd, 2016

In the history of gaming, There are few titles that have been as extensively played as Super Mario Bros. 3. It remains one of the most ambitious games Nintendo ever produced, and the fact that most players still haven't discovered all of its secrets is a testament to the quality of its design. For instance, did you know Mario has a special animation that almost no one has ever seen?

The Rarest Sight in Mario 3!

As anyone who's played Super Mario Bros. 3 can tell you, Mario had a special ability to slide down hills on his rump. To perform this move, all you have to do is press down on the d-pad while Mario is moving downhill. This slide had a unique sprite for most every outfit Mario could collect in the game. There was a slide sprite for mini, Super, Fire, Raccoon, and Tanooki Mario. However, what almost no one knew was that there was also a slide sprite for the Hammer Bros. suit.

A Secret Slide Attack!

Normally, Mario cannot slide while wearing the Hammer suit. This is because the power up gives Mario the ability to shield himself under a shell whenever the player presses down on the d-pad, even when moving downhill. As such, Mario loses his slide ability. But considering that this makes Mario impervious to fireballs, its a pretty fair trade. However, there is one way to make Hammer Mario slide, and its probably the rarest sight in the entire game.

Blink and You Will Miss It!

If Mario obtains a Hammer Suit power up, while already in mid-slide, he'll appear sliding in his Hammer form until he reaches the end of the slope. After that, he'll be unable to slide again, defaulting back to the usual shield sprite. If you want to see the trick in action, check out this footage from level 6-10.

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It only lasts a second, and can only be witnessed in a handful of locations, but the fact Nintendo even bothered to include this little Easter Egg says volumes about the effort they put into this game. So, how many of you knew about this little secret? Are you surprised that Mario still has its share of secrets all these years later? I'd love to hear your response in the comments below.

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