The Playstation memory card affects how the PS2 bootup sequence looks

Posted by Jack on Jan. 21st, 2021

The PlayStation 2 has one of the most iconic start up screens/sounds in gaming history. But much like the GameCube has multiple startups, did you know the PS2 has a different boot up screen based on the user's play history? 

After turning on a PS2 with no memory card inserted you'll see the classic "Sony Computer Entertainment" logo that transforms into the console browser where you choose a game. But booting up a PS2 with a memory card inserted, changes that classic screen.

 If there is a memory card with save data inserted in the system, you'll see a series of columns varying size, behind that classic "Sony Computer Entertainment" logo. Turns out, each column represents a saved game that is stored on your memory card. 

The height of each column is represents how long you've played that particular game. If you can spot the highest column, you're looking at your favorite game's save data.

See it in action: 

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