The Retro System that I play the Most in the Summer is...?

Posted by Drew Steimel on Jun. 26th, 2018

There is one retro system I play the most all Summer long.

  • It's perfect when I'm in line at the store...
  • When my kids are screaming out in public...
  • Or when I need to distract my wife from the mess I made.

Hint: it's small, plays all the original Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong and Pokemon games and so many more.

My wife and kids are retro nuts and when they see me playing they can't resist.

Do You Know This Retro Classic?

It was first release in 2001 and revolutionized handheld gaming. This particular Gameboy platform sold over 80 million units worldwide and was the first to introduce backwards compatibility allowing you to play games from the original Game Boy player and the Game Boy Color. The backlight was a new feature. Before you had to use the light of your room or actually go outside in the sun. Not anymore with the later edition of this system you could hid in that basement or closet like you really want to and play Zelda all day.

Let me know what your favorite Retro System is in the Summertime?

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