Tutorial: How To Change Your NES System 72 Pin Connector Video

Posted by DKOldies on Mar. 18th, 2015

Nintendo NES System Console Repair Video, Replace The 72 Pin Connector.

DKOldies replaces thousands of NES System pin connectors and we can show you how to do it really fast and easy. Check out this DKOldies Repair Shop detailed quick fix video showing how to never get a blinking screen again. Learn what screws to remove, where the screws are and how to properly polish the connector pins on the NES Systems motherboard, a start to finish how-to guide. 

Buy a new 72 Pin and more NES Repair Parts and start playing your old NES games again.

Have you ever opened up your NES system? If so, let us know what you think of our video and check out more at our new DKOldies You Tube Channel.

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