Tutorial: Why Are My N64 Console And Games Not Working?

Posted by DKOldies on Apr. 15th, 2015

Simple tips for getting your Nintendo 64 system and games running again.

  Sometimes, little things are over looked like double checking your N64 cords,AV connections to your TV or your power supply. We go through the process, from start to finish.

The N64 system is remarkably durable.Released in 1996 for North America. It was the successor to the SNES console. The system featured an expansion bay for increased RAM via the Expansion Pak, a radically new design for the controller, and games in 3D graphics.

5 simple tips to get your N64 console working:

  1. Check AV and power connections   -Make sure to match the yellow with yellow and red with red, etc...   -If you only have a component input you may use the yellow plug in the green input, then match up the audio to the corresponding component audio input.
  2. Remove and replace Jumper/Expansion Pak. You may clean the expansion bay out as well as the Jumper/Expansion Pak themselves before re-inserting.
  3. Clean pin connector on the console. You may use a toothbrush before blowing into the pin connector area to remove any loose debris.
  4. Clean the pins on the game cartridge. Using a Q-Tip and rubbing alcohol, rub the pin area with the wet side followed by the dry side. Repeat untill the Q-Tip no longer turns black.
  5. Insert the game repeatedly into the system, Then clean the game cartridge.This will remove any loose debris from the pin connectors as well as the game cartridges pins.

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