Use Nintendo Controllers on your FC and Retron Systems

Posted by Joey on Apr. 29th, 2014

There are New Retro Nintendo Systems being made today to play original NESSNES and Genesis games. The systems are great because they allow you to play games from multiple platforms on one console. The systems come with replica controllers that work fine, but do not bring back the memories like playing with an original Nintendo or Genesis controller. The good news is these systems are also compatible with the original controllers. The list below will explain which controllers are used for each system. You can also use an original Nintendo Zapper Gun if the system has NES ports, however the FC2 Slim will require a specific zapper gun available here

FC2 Slim

Retron 1

Retron 2

Retron 3

Retron 5

All of these replica systems come with the system, controllers, and the necessary wires, and also in a variety of paks which include different games and accessories. One of the most popular is the Retron 3 Mario 1,2,3 Zapper Pak:

Retron 3 Mario 1,2,3 Zapper Pak

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