Which Ninja Turtle Are You In A Video Game Argument?

Posted by DKOldies.com on Jul. 6th, 2015

Video game arguments always involve personalities from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It usually starts with someone saying how "his console sold more PS4's than XBox's" or how "experts say that the Genesis had more influential impact than the SNES on the future of gaming". You may hear "I read an article about the PS2 being so dominate at it's time that it's amazing Nintendo and Xbox are even making consoles today". However it starts, it will usually be a certain Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle personality to do it in a way that brings the group together. Here we have the 4 Ninja Turtle personalities of Video Game Console arguments.


It's all about emotion! You have hurt feelings when someone doesn't like what you like. You don't need statistical validation or peer approval to following the correct path. You are the aggressor? Passionate about your choice and need attack everyone who opposes you, including anyone trying to calm you down. You hate frivolous stats and get angry because you can see right through them and their obvious attempts to manipulate you. 

Passion is your fire and with it you may burn everything down around you, if you have to. You get mad at anyone for telling you to relax, anyone for not taking the situation as serious as you, and hate anyone trying to make you look dumb. You bought your console because of an emotional reason and it can't be explained by graphs and charts. No amount of charts are going to change this! Every attempt long winded logical response, every attempt to claim the situation and every joke is met with rage. Just leave you alone or agree with everything you say or your going to start busting people up close quarter combat with your tiny sai blades.


Brains is what it's all about! You know when people like the competition it hurts your system down the road and the fun you will have in the long run? 

You did the research, you know everything about every system and have made you picks based on hard facts. Your the smartest, you've studied the longest and, let's face it making another choice is just stupid. You can prove you are right, all you have to do is show everyone else the data. 

Stats and numbers never lie and you will use these to easily win any argument, because after all what is there to even argue about. You're right, why don't they understand? Let me teach you!


We are a team, why are you fighting? You want everyone to get along and hate when everyone fights with each other. 

You makes points for both sides, always building bridges for everyone to cross. You understand how everyone should act and if they only acted the way you wanted everything would be better. You are always diffusing emotional responses and silliness because you know they create more arguing. 

You dislike confrontation, but as the level headed leader you will always rise above to slice any wrong doing with seriousness and your katana blades.


The Wild Card! You make jokes, sometimes to diffuse the situation, sometimes to keep the argument going, and sometimes to just make jokes. You know there is anger in the room, but it just doesn't matter as long as you can get some laughs. You live in the moment and can take on any of the other personalities for a short time. Your smart enough to be the brains, emotional enough to be the fighter, conscientious enough to be the leader, but those roles are just so boring. You like having fun and you need to make it fun! You know the other people aren't going to do it. You will mess everything up sometimes, but it's usually so worth it.

So, when there is tension, anger and boring figures, you jump in and yell "Cowabunga Dude"! You will probably find that everyone is a little of each, but if you look hard you will find one shining through. Good luck in your future video game arguments and hopefully this article will help you pinpoint your opponent. Remember buying a console is about liking something and can't make your friends like something by yelling at them, showing them facts, and you can't win a console war no matter what you do! All these great companies try to make the best consoles they can and have given us amazing games over the years to enjoy. Lets hope this battle continues for a long time to come because it's a ton of fun.

Which personality are you and your friends?

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