Why Nintendo Said "No More NES Classic System"

Posted by Drew Steimel on Apr. 14th, 2017

Nintendo released a statement yesterday saying they will no longer produce or sell the NES Classic System. Before the announcement you could buy the brand new console for $80, now 1 day later they are close to $300. The NES Classic is a replica of the Original Nintendo Entertainment System from 1985 with 30 of the best titles built in like Mario Bros, Zelda, and Tecmo Bowl. The NES Classic Sold out instantly last Christmas and everyone was wondering why Nintendo wouldn't cash in and sell as many as possible. Experts said that Nintendo misjudged the market like always and missed a prime opportunity. Do you think Nintendo really could misjudge the demand of their golden goose that they have been selling for over 30 years? No, I think Nintendo knew exactly what it was doing and I think they did it brilliantly.

Nintendo Entertainment System

Would you rather have the Marketing Gimmick or the Real Thing?

The NES Class was never the "Big System" they wanted to sell. They wanted to sell the Switch, the real money maker. For some reason they could not or didn't want to release the at Christmas and instead released it this Spring. They needed some buzz over the holiday and to lead up to thier big release. They came out with Mario Run for IOS and the NES Classic. They could have sold millions over the holidays, but that would actually have lost them money. They used the media attention to launch the Switch. I think they never intended to sell the Classic after Christmas, but didn't want the negative press. So, they kept them going ever so slightly just until the Switch was in the clear. Now that it is they will cut off the Classic and attempt to sell you downloads of those classic titles that they were basically giving away only a few months ago.

I love the Switch, downloads and even this marketing gimmick called the Classic. It celebrates everything Nintendo has created over the years and brings it to new generations and creates new gamers that never thought they could be. Nothing beats the original though...Nothing! There is something about the past and how it reminds you of your youth and happiness. A simplier time when you could put in your dusty cart and play with a firend, sibling or your dad or mom and just have fun. The originals are here forever and so it this Classic system. It will fold into the past and become another memory that you can collect.

I hope Nintendo keeps us wanting more for years to come and can't wait to see what other tricks they have up thier sleeves.

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