Why Nintendo's New Mario Run App is Blowing Up the Retro Gaming Market.

Posted by Joey on Sep. 16th, 2016

Last week Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto came onstage at the Apple press conference and announced a new mobile Mario game called Super Mario Run. This marks Nintendo's first major partnership with Apple and the announcement generated lots of attention from the gaming community. The new Generation is now learning that Mario is the king of all video games.

This new game is set to be similar to the 'infinite runners' you've probably already seen in the App Store but with a Mario twist.  Miyamoto said “I think first what we’ve done is create a Mario game that’s very distinct from what we’ve done in the past and what’s available on home consoles, and so that I think is great because it’s its own unique style of Mario play designed for mobile devices that I think will be great for people who haven’t played Mario up until now.”

Since the news retro video games and Nintendo NES Games searches in google trends have exploded. New world wide marketing brings in millions of new fans who get curious about where Mario came from. They are realizing what retro video games fans have know for a long time. That that they can still own a piece of video game history and this is causing these old games to dry up in the marketplace.


Miyamoto is optimistic this mobile app is "going to increase the population of people interested in coming to our platforms", which will of course bring in a whole new generation to Mario's greatness. Super Mario Run will be launching on iOS in December and it has been confirmed that it will also be available for Android in the future.

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