Will my old Xbox Wireless Adaptor work on my X-Box 360?

Posted by DKOldies.com on Apr. 30th, 2014

The old XBOX Wireless Adapter will work on your X-Box 360. Just plug in the Old XBOX wireless adaptor and hook the Ethernet cable to the 360. Go into your network settings of the 360 and include your WEP encryption code. Don’t bother using the disc that comes with the adapter because that won’t work. That’s it, it will work the same as the new wireless accessories sold for the 360.

There is one major problem that will prevent some people from using this. Most new routers today have better security than WEP. My new router uses WPA and WPA2. All this means is that the encryption is more complicated and harder to crack than WEP. The old XBOX wireless adaptor is not compatable with these security settings and would be useless to you.

If your using an old router or your new router can switch to WEP and your not concerned about security than the old XBOX adapter will work perfectly and the game play quality is the exact same as the newer adapters.


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