Worst Video Game Art of All Time

Posted by DKOldies on Jun. 18th, 2015

Mega Man

Here are some of the worst cases of art in Retro gaming. If you have some more comment below and I will add them. 

Mega Man for the NES -

Either Mr. Capcom's 8 year old drew this or the standard for label art was so low that some one actually thought this was good. Mega Man has a pistol and you can tell by the way he is standing that he is ready for action or at least ready to use the toilet. Complete with future palm trees and the good Doctors laboratory exploding. One way or the other this is one of the worst examples (Or is it best?) of bad art in gaming.

RoboCop 3 for the NES - 


Somehow Alex Murphy recruited a 2 year old girl to clean up the streets of Detroit with an Uzi. Where is her hearing protection Robo? Anyway, Where this fits into the RoboCop story line I don't know.

James Bond 007James Bond 007 The Duel

It's not just me, right? Bonds head is huge! I mean, his head is so big when it rains his cloths don't get wet. I didn't know they had a big head mode in this game. 

Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare for the NES - 

Stainless steel underwear? 'Nuff said.

John Elway's Quarterback Football for the NES -

John, seriously? Who wanted the close up of your goofy face holding a controller like you are going to take a bite out of it. Your face mask probably prevented you from eating it.

Thanks for reading and please leave a comment on what you would like for future subjects or what you thought about this one.

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