Yesterday ended in a Tie, Next Vote Wins. The Elite 8 Match-ups start NOW!

Posted by on Oct. 24th, 2014

Doom vs Eternal Darkness is tied! Next vote decides the winner. Freddy moves on to his next nightmare. 

Facebook was clearly for Doom and Instagram was all about Eternal Darkness. Generation gap perhaps? Overall, there was a great number of responses and as of right now the outcome has not been decided. We will wait for the next vote to update the bracket.

Elite 8 Match-ups

#2 Silent Hill vs #7 Nightmare On Elm Street: Seems like it may be a landslide. Silent hill is overall scarier, creepier and just a better game.  Nightmare on Elm Street has a hardcore following from the movies and if they come out to vote, Silent Hill could have nightmares!  Can Freddy slice up the upset?

#6 Zombies Ate My Neighbors vs #14 Rampage: This match-up will be a closer race than the rankings suggest. Both games are loved by devoted fans and both are creepy classics.  Will the Zombies prevail over their giant-sized creature neighbors or will the colossal creatures go Rampage all over their undead buts?  You decide!

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Please leave a comment below in the comments section and let us know who you vote for.

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