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Castlevania II Simon's Quest - NES Game

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Castlevania II 2 Simon's Quest - NES Game

Original Nintendo NES game cartridge only.
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You are Simon Belmont in the sequel to the first Castlevania game against the forces of darkness. Features RPG elements, build your character, talk to the townsfolk, upgrade your whip and spells on your way to a showdown with Dracula himself. Another classic hit, Castlevania II Simon's Quest was surprising sophisticated for its time. Graphics are even more detailed and refined compared to the first Castlevania. The control has improved from the jerky and non-responsiveness of the original. This release is set up more like a side scrolling action game and has many RPG elements while the other two Castlevania games are more straight-forward and action oriented. The toughest challange you'll face is finding the mansions (and in order) which is an almost impossible task. If you consider yourself a hardcore explorer, then have fun with this one.

NTSC (US, Canada)
Cartridge Game
E - For Everyone
120 Day Warranty

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