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Cruis'n USA - N64 Game


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Cruis'n USA - N64 Game

Cruis’n USA was meant to be available when the N64 first launched. Unfortunately, its release was delayed a bit when Nintendo demanded the ability to run over cows be removed from rural levels. Regardless of how you may feel about this decision, the end result was a rock-solid port of the racing game sensation that had been burning up arcades for over two years. Now, in all honesty, being one of the first games for Nintendo’s flagship 3D system means that Cruis’n USA is missing some of the polish of later releases. But, presentation was never what Cruis’n USA was all about. And it certainly isn’t what made it a classic. No. This is a game about two things: racing and speed. And dang, if it doesn’t deliver on both! There’s an almost Zen-like beauty in its simplicity. Slam on the ignition, scream towards the finish line, and repeat. No gimmicks. No sneaky Blue Shells. Just pure racing action. So the next time you just want to unwind, tune out, and burn some serious rubber, Cruis’n USA is still revved up and waiting for you to take it for another spin.

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