Diddy Kong Racing - N64 Game

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Diddy Kong Racing - N64 Game

In Christmas of ‘97, Nintendo dropped this unexpected holiday gift in everyone’s lap. Diddy Kong Racing remains one of the greatest racing games ever made. And, even though it is often overlooked for the ludicrously successful Mario Kart 64, it easily holds its own against that masterpiece. Diddy Kong Racing distinguishes itself as, well, a much more serious racing game. It rewards pure skill, over scoring an invincibility star power-up. Furthermore it allows you to explore its tracks in not one, but three separate vehicles: Cars, Hovercrafts, and Planes. That’s three different ways to experience every aspect of this masterfully crafted game. Each vehicle handles differently, and rewards you with new routes to explore, effectively making Diddy Kong Racing three whole games in one! And, if that wasn’t enough, the game even features a complete story mode, with bosses, tougher racers, and a full cast of colorful supporting characters. With so much to offer, Diddy Kong Racing is something that must be played to truly appreciate. And, it’s just waiting for you to take the wheel.

Action, adventure kart racing, Diddy Kong Racing lets you drive all kinds of rides including air planes. Customize your carts and race against your friends or by your self in the trpical island story mode.

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NTSC (US, Canada)
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