Donkey Kong Country - SNES Game

Donkey Kong Country - SNES Game


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Donkey Kong Country - SNES Game

When Donkey Kong returned for his first game in over a decade, gaming’s greatest Gorilla did it in a big way. How big? Well, it took 22 man years, 32,768 colors, and a genuine super computer just to render the single largest game the Super Nintendo Entertainment System had ever seen. Weighing in at a ludicrous 32 megabytes, sporting state of the art 3D graphics, and an unforgettably atmospheric synth soundtrack, spanning six sprawling worlds, Donkey Kong Country was an absolute beast of a game. Additionally, Donkey Kong got to team up with his new sidekick, Diddy Kong, and a ton of epic animal mounts in one incredible quest to reclaim their stolen banana horde. The full adventure was over 100 levels of nonstop minecart riding, deep sea diving, barrel bursting, KONG collecting, Boss battling, monkey mayhem. And over two decades later, it’s still the gold standard for SNES and a total beast of a game.

Original Super Nintendo SNES game cartridge only.
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NTSC (US, Canada)
Action Adventure
120 Day Warranty

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