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Dr. Mario - NES Game

Just where Mario got his medical degree will probably always be a gaming mystery. All we know for certain is that he still prefers to work in plumbing, and that whether it’s fevers, chills, or any other ills, the Dr. has the pills to cure you. Welcome to Nintendo’s original block-stacking puzzler, as you combat uncommon colds and disorderly diseases with good old pharmaceutical drugs. Lots of drugs. Seriously, Dr. Mario is literally just throwing them around. The aim of the game is to stack three capsules of a matching color on top of each virus to cure it out of existence. But, you have to be careful to keep those pills from piling up too much, or it’s game over. Like any great puzzle, it’ll take you a minute to learn (there are only three types of viruses/colors to match) but hours to master. With 20 levels of ever-stacking difficulty, and three increasing speeds, there’s plenty of work to be done if you want to truly earn your Mushroom Kingdom Medical License. Fortunately, you’ll be accompanied in even the most stressful of operations by Mario’s encouraging smile, and two of the most infectious tunes ever composed for the Nintendo. This game is as catchy as they come.

Mario mixes vitamin capsules made of red, yellow and blue halves into a bottle filled with viruses. It's up to you to rotate the capsules (like Tetris) into place and match up the colors to clear the bottle. Play alone to get the high score or play head to head with a friend in split screen multi-player.

"The Doctor Is In... Over His Head." Dr. Mario is an arcade-style puzzle Nintendo NES video game similar to the Tetris games. Join Dr. Mario as he organizes vitamins in order to destroy viruses before they fill the bottle.
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