Luigi's Mansion - GameCube Game

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Luigi's Mansion - GameCube Game

The Mario Brothers have just won a mansion in a contest that neither of them remembers entering. This seems a little off, so Mario goes to investigate. But when he doesn’t come back, it’s up to his nervous twin brother to investigate the creepy manor. Wouldn’t you know it, the entire mansion is haunted with hundreds of vengeful ghosts! And just to add injury to insult, they’ve trapped Mario in a cursed painting, where he shall remain forever trapped if Luigi can’t set him free by dawn. It’s kind of messed up, so Luigi turns to a local eccentric inventor for help. This questionable genius gives Luigi a high-tech flashlight and vacuum cleaner to stun and suck up the goofy ghosts, as he clears a path to save his brother. Please remember, this was one of the select few 2001 launch-titles designed to showcase the power of the Nintendo Gamecube. Nintendo was confident in this game, and with good reason. Every room of the “Luigi’s Mansion” is absolutely brimming with secrets, both the collectible kind, and the technical ones. Advanced dynamic lighting created stretching shadows, while cutting edge particle physics caused clouds of dust to explode wherever Luigi’s feet fell, and newly created rendering techniques enabled a host of ghosts that appeared in varying degrees of transparency. Luigi’s Mansion is more than a game, it’s one of the most elaborate technical demos ever created! But what do you care about cutting edge graphics from 2001? Good question. Luigi’s Mansion is still a game first, and a showcase second. So, spotting a spectre’s shadow or disturbances in the dust are critical to spotting the invisible specters before they get the jump on Luigi. The experience is continually suspenseful, without ever becoming truly scary. It’s a horror game that’s meant to surprise the player rather than shock or scare them. This makes Luigi’s Mansion uniquely fun for all ages, and makes it a game whose compelling tone is without peer. So, grab your Haunted Hoover, and start cleaning up some creepy crawlies. Luigi’s Mansion is still a title that cleans house when compared to most games on the system. Nintendo GameCube game in good used condition.

All Nintendo GameCube games will play on both the GameCube and compatible Wii system consoles. Like all our games, thias item has been cleaned, tested, guaranteed to work, and backed by our free 1 year warranty.

Includes original game disc only. Complete option contains original game disc with manual in an original Nintendo GameCube case with cover art.

NTSC (US, Canada)
Action Adventure
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