Mario Kart 64 - N64 Game

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Mario Kart 64 - N64 Game

Mario Kart 64 is more than your usual racing game. It’s a Battle Royale on wheels. All of the skill in the world isn’t going to save you or your spot in first place when some punk decides to fire a Blue shell your way.  Beneath its colorful, cartoonish appearance, there lies a game so brutal it makes Mad Max look like bumper cars.  This successor to Super Mario Kart was able to ditch the Mode 7 graphics for genuine 3D racetracks. With a grand total of 16 increasingly-challenging courses, crisscrossing every corner of the Mushroom Kingdom, and 8 playable Mario veterans behind the wheel, Mario Kart 64 is a title that never runs out of surprises. Whether it’s making hairpin turns on slippery ice sheets, dodging the crushing Thwomps that line the halls of Bowser’s castle, or stealing victory at the last second with a well-timed Mega Mushroom Speed Boost, Mario Kart 64 is loaded with peril at every turn. But even if you managed to master all the dastardly racetracks of the main game, Mario Kart 64’s Battle Mode is guaranteed to leave you with a white-knuckled grip on your controller. Forget about momentum; this game mode is four sadistic speedways designed to let you wreck anything that moves. So if you’re looking for a crash course in why the Nintendo 64 was the greatest multiplayer console ever made, look no further. Get some friends together and get ready to burn some serious rubber in this rip-roaring, road-rage rampage!

Original Nintendo 64 Mario Kart 64 game cartridge for sale. Buy the most popular Mario Kart N 64 3D multiplayer racing game cart online, like all of our Nintendo games it is 100% authentic, checked for condition, tested and works like new. Mario Kart 64 for the Nintendo 64 was released in 1996, has the best graphics for any N64 racing game, 4 player split screen gameplay, 16 courses, 8 playable characters and is the most balanced and best Mario Kart game of the entire series. Mario Kart 64 is know for it's great happy music, but also its hard challenging playability with it's easier to fall off ledges and need technical than Mario Kart Wii driving skills. There are no stars to get like in the original SNES game or in Super Circuit, but you'll never miss it. Pick your racer like Donkey Kong, Mario or Princess Peach, each based on their skillset and get racing.

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