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Mario Kart 64 - N64 Game

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Mario Kart 64 - N64 Game

Original Nintendo 64 Mario Kart 64 game cartridge for sale. Buy the most popular Mario Kart N 64 3D multiplayer racing game cart online, like all of our Nintendo games it is 100% authentic, checked for condition, tested and works like new. Mario Kart 64 for the Nintendo 64 was released in 1996, has the best graphics for any N64 racing game, 4 player split screen gameplay, 16 courses, 8 playable characters and is the most balanced and best Mario Kart game of the entire series. Mario Kart 64 is know for it's great happy music, but also its hard challenging playability with it's easier to fall off ledges and need technical than Mario Kart Wii driving skills. There are no stars to get like in the original SNES game or in Super Circuit, but you'll never miss it. Pick your racer like Donkey Kong, Mario or Princess Peach, each based on thier skillset and get racing. Order Mario Kart 64 classic Nintendo 64 game online today. game games cart cartridge Nintendo 64 n 64 n64 cart racer driving original used authentic old classic for sale buy order purchase

Original Nintendo 64 game cartridge only.
All DK's classic used games are cleaned, tested, guaranteed to work and backed by a 120 day warranty.

NTSC (US, Canada)
Cartridge Game
120 Day Warranty

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