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Mario Party 2 - N64 Game


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Mario Party 2 - N64 Game

Mario Party 2 is a more than worthy sequel to the Nintendo 64 original digital board game. This time the party was bigger than ever. Nintendo mascots rolled dice and threw down across six incredible game worlds. The perils of Pirate World always threatened to plunder your coins. Western Land let you settle your scores with digital duels. Space Land had you scour the cosmos for stars. You raided Mystery Land for ancient relics alongside up to three friends. Spooky specters were always out to spoil your fun in Horror Land. And nothing could compare to the brutal minigame gauntlet that was Bowser Land. With larger game boards, more minigames than ever, and all new items to turn the tide of victory, what more could you ask for? The answer: Costumes. One of the most endearing features of Mario Party 2 is that every playable world had an exlcusive thematic outfit for every character. Seeing Yoshi dressed as a pirate, Wario sporting wizard robes, or Luigi in a spacesuit did a lot to set the mood, and ensured this party was always jumping.

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