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Mario Party 3 - N64 Game

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Mario Party 3 - N64 Game

With two 64-bit bashes already under its belt, what more 4-player mayhem could Mario Party on the Nintendo 64 provide? How about 70 all new minigames, to really mix things up? This was an enormous overhaul of the core gameplay, and breathed fresh life into what could have easily been a carbon copy of earlier entries. But, the improvements didn’t stop there. This time Princess Daisy and Waluigi entered the fray, making for an unprededented 8 playable characters. Throw in 6 new game boards to explore, more game-changing items than ever before, the ability to wield up to three at any time, and this was one party that could go all night. But, the crown jewel of Mario Party 3 was it’s all new duel game mode. Partner up with one of 12 classic Mario baddies and use their powers to obliterate another opponent on one of 6 exclusive game maps. With more challenge, strategy, and gameplay than ever before, everyone wanted an invite to this Party.

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